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The power of essential oil scents

The power of essential oil scents

Did you know that smell can evoke memories, lift your spirits, or even influence your decisions? Smell is one of the 5 human senses to which we should pay special attention. This sensation can alert, calm, help memorize. Suddenly we can feel sentiment when we smell well-known scents. Scents, and aromatherapy in particular, can give us a particularly enjoyable experience, freeing the imagination, or even relieving the symptoms of some diseases.


How do scents and essential oils affect our bodies?

Irritated olfactory receptors from particles in the air send signals to the brain that create a sense of smell, and inhaled chemicals stimulate different brain functions. Some stimuli can help to calm down, relax, others - to become alert and active. If you have smelled before and it is associated with certain events, the aroma still felt by the cartel, even after many years, when the brain recognizes the same compounds, can evoke memories.

Aromatherapy and essential oils affect our body not only through the sense of smell. Essential oils are rich in chemicals that we can absorb not only by inhalation. These enter the bloodstream directly through the skin. Thus, for example, the substances contained in some oils that enter our body can reduce pain, itching.



A particularly effective way to absorb the substances available in essential oils is by inhalation. This method uses an essential oil diffuser, which helps the microparticles of essential oils to disperse indoors. Inhaled substances are absorbed through the oral mucosa, the respiratory tract. This method is especially suitable for respiratory diseases. Choosing the right essential oil, inhaled during inhalation, can help reduce the symptoms of the disease. The particles spread with the help of a diffuser not only help us, but also clean the indoor air, can destroy microbes and viruses.


Essential oils and their benefits

Different essential oils are rich in a variety of chemicals that can affect our senses, physical and psychological state. Here, lemongrass essential oil has antibacterial effect, can help focus attention, can reduce skin inflammation. Lavender essential oil reduces fatigue, stimulates brain activity, and is perfect for fighting cold symptoms. Tea tree essential oil has a strong antibacterial, antiviral effect. If you are doing mental work, you need to concentrate and keep transparent thoughts, it is advisable to try the aroma of balsamic fir. To relieve headaches, inhale essential oils of peppermint, cloves, sage. These are just a few examples of essential oils that can help and improve your quality of life beyond just a wonderful fragrance.

You will achieve an even better effect by using mixtures of different oils. However, care should be taken not to mix the oil accidentally. It is necessary to make sure that the oils you want to use are compatible with each other and will not have a bad smell or a negative effect. So, if you do not have time to take an interest, we advise you to buy ready-made oil blends.

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