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About us

The story of the founder

The acquaintance with plants in our family began 25 years ago, when the first son was born. Interested, reading, and searching for natural treatments, I discovered essential oils about 20 years ago when they entered our home completely unexpectedly. I quickly realized how strong power lies in a small drop of nature. It became my way of life - I woke up with essential oils and went to sleep, I couldn’t imagine a single day without essential oils.


Already as I was raising children, I realized what a valuable tool it is in the fight against viruses, runny nose, and other common ailments. This was also my experience - at first skeptical about essential oils, I was reluctant to start researching and trying them by observing their effects. I have always assured myself and my family that ailments go away faster and easier with this gift of nature. In this way, they became an integral part of my daily routine, each time I adapted them more and more. Now no day goes by without an aromatic, health-promoting, fragrance mixture, vaporized by a diffuser, without body cream supplemented with natural, nature-endowed essential oils, without a mixture with base oil from various ailments - runny nose, sore throat, cough, sore muscles or any other complaints.

My family is not only children, but also a whole group of dogs reigning both at home and in the kennel. Therefore, I decided to apply my knowledge of essential oils to pet care as well. At the moment, I use essential oils in my dog kennel to protect against fleas and ticks, to promote fur growth, to disinfect the premises and to remove bad breath, but these are just a few ways to use essential oils. We have used this natural remedy to help and treat dog cough.


Canine cough is a complex (viral and bacterial) infection that causes inflammation of the upper respiratory tract in dogs. This infection spreads very quickly in the kennel and is difficult to control, especially when there are many dogs. After trying many traditional methods of drug treatment, we realized that we need to look for natural remedies to help prevent this disease. We used essential oils and the results exceeded our expectations. We controlled the disease very quickly, and by prophylactically evaporating the created mixture of essential oils in a diffuser, we prevented its occurrence.


By spreading my experience and recommending essential oils to relatives, friends, colleagues, I decided to share proven recipes and created products with everyone who believes in the power of nature and its gifts. This is how this aromatherapy website came about, where you will find an assortment of essential oils and their blends for yourself, your family and pets.

I am in favor of natural treatments and my experience confirms that the power of plants allows you to be healthy. I wish each of you to discover your own way of aromatherapy!


With love,



Aromatherapy from nature

Human acquaintance with the power of vegetation began a long time ago… Collecting and drying flowers, leaves and other parts of plants. With the discovery of extraction methods, a special gift of nature - essential oils have become an integral part of excellent physical and emotional health. That is why, looking back at the past, natural plants, we have created an online store of aromatherapy products.

Amelum opens the door to a mysterious, fragrant and especially valuable natural world. "A" symbolizes height, sophistication and, together with the word "Amelum", which is particularly closely related to scents, merge into a harmonious whole - a high-class naturalness. The droplet above the letter "A" is a symbol of vitality, signifying purity and the beginning of everything.

In line with today’s global trends and holistic approach to health, we offer only clean, natural, pure products created with the gifts of nature.

Our values:

Quality checked

We use only tested, carefully selected ingredients from trusted partners to create products.

100% natural

All Amelum products are made exclusively from pure, natural essential and base vegetable oils. They do not contain any chemicals.

Physical and emotional health

By offering natural, high-quality measures, we aim to ensure the best possible physical and emotional condition for the whole family, as well as for the pet.

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